ABOUT (continued)

"We chose the name Underground Bike Works because everyone thought that's what I did - to go underground", says John. "What I did was go back to my roots as a welder fabricator. I got into making mountain bikes in the first place because I saw an opportunity to make something people would enjoy. You know... having fun riding a bike in the dirt. I got back into it because I see the opportunity again. There's a place for beautifully welded aluminum hardtail frames with modern geometry built around 27.5" plus and potentially 29 plus for the taller guys. My old partner at Yeti, Frank the Welder is making the first 250 frames. Fans of my early bikes will certainly recognize some touches on these frames. But these are built to take advantage of the new technology."

"These are not for everybody. These are limited runs and when they're gone we'll do something else. It's kinda like a secret trail that you and your friends built. You don't tell everyone, just the few who are worthy. We put these together so carefully... that every detail was considered.. and everything works together so perfectly. I love how they look... I love how they ride.. They're quiver killers man! I'm fired up and I think fans of my old stuff and anyone with an open mind should give these a try." 

If you don’t know who John Parker is or you just want more Underground Bike Works backstory go here. It’s a great story